What Did Stephen Joseph Do?

This section of the website highlights some of Stephen Joseph's achievements in theatre during his lifetime.

Stephen Joseph was once described as a 'renaissance man' by his protégé Alan Ayckbourn due to his passion and knowledge about so many different aspects of the theatre from playwriting to directing to design. Those he taught have also spoke highly of what a passionate teacher he was - and it was this passion which led to his influential and pioneering work in the drama department at the University of Manchester.

Stephen Joseph also found himself, perhaps unwittingly, fighting against the British theatre establishment of the '50s and '60s. His radical ideas for new theatre forms, promoting new writing and supporting theatre in the regions - all deeply unfashionable at a time when theatre was regarded as London-centric, even though much of the important, interesting and - ultimately - influential work in theatre was being done in the regions.

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ABTT / SOTC: Stephen Joseph's role in founding the Association of British Theatre Technicians and the Society Of Theatre Consultants.

The Library Theatre: An in-depth look at Stephen Joseph's most famous legacy, the Library Theatre in Scarborough (later the Stephen Joseph Theatre) can be found at our sister website Scarborough In The Round.

Manchester University: Stephen Joseph's links to Manchester University and its drama department.