Researching Stephen Joseph

There are three major archives in the UK with material directly relating to Stephen Joseph & The Library Theatre. Given the paucity of published material about Stephen Joseph (as of 2013, only one major publication about Stephen Joseph and his place in British Theatre, has been published with Stephen Joseph: Theatre Pioneer And Provocateur), these archives are the single best source of primary evidence relating to Stephen Joseph available.

Research Collections

The major collections are:
There is a limited amount of material relating to Stephen Joseph founding the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent in the Victoria Theatre Collection at Staffordshire University.
Further details about all these collections can be obtained by clicking on the links above.


If you are researching Stephen Joseph, his own books - most of which are readily available from second-hand dealers - offer an essential and fascinating insight into his work and his perspective on theatre in the UK. A full list of publications can be found here.
There are very few books which provide accurate information on Stephen Joseph with only one dedicated book by a major publisher. You can find details of books which mention Stephen Joseph, pertain to his work or were used during the research of this website


Stephen Joseph & The Library Theatre is part of a triumvirate of websites dedicated to exploring Alan Ayckbourn, Stephen Joseph and theatre-in-the-round in Scarborough. The main website - at more than 3,500 pages - is Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website The three sites, and are designed to support and supplement each other offering a broader exploration of each subject. With regard to Stephen Joseph, touches on Stephen's influences of his most successful protege Alan Ayckbourn, whilst offers an in-depth and comprehensive history of the theatre Stephen Joseph created in Scarborough in 1955 and its legacy through to the present day.

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